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Tigers' life in the Mother Earth !!
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Monday. 6.1.09 11:59 pm
I cant really update lots of tigers' news here because of copyright issues...

there r lots of news i wanted to share... especially the once again risen issues of tiger farming....

i need time to join all the information n make a summary....

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Just My Animals' loving Thoughts
Wednesday. 2.18.09 12:44 am
Dear All,

I know I been neglecting all the tasks that I suppose to do, but for me to read the news on how a poacher or how the people treating tigers make me cry, over and over again. And keep questioning myself why in this world, we human kind could not live together with other living creatures. I do know we are smarter than them, but do we really need to take advantage over that? I bet, sometimes, other living creatures besides us are way smarter than us, is just that they could not talk.

Sometimes, I reluctant to attend any Chinese wedding, because I know their second dish will always come with Shark Fin soup, and yes I refused to have it, but imagine the whole table looking at me, with a weird eyes, weird interpretation. And of course I get overwhelmed if they do not serve the shark fin.

More so, is not easy to convince someone to protect the environment, more to stop eating shark fin, especially in the Chinese society (I know I should not complaint) but is way too difficult. I felt so tortured when I try to say something to them. I appreciate that my eldest cousin do not served shark fin during his wedding, lol seriously I’m very happy. At least he listens to me right, that’s my very first accomplishment, and I think is last or yet to come… … oh and I make a pledge of say no to shark fin lol… I know is not something big, but at least I know what am I doing.

Seriously, I don’t know how to convince them? Like my love for tigers, I don’t think I can describe it in words, is just the feeling that I wanted to protect them and I do not want them to extinct nor stay in captive for the rest of their life. Tigers are meant to be in the wild. Sigh. I faced a very difficult person in my family, I’m not here to convince him but to explain to him, I just talked about how the wild animals should stay in wild, and I do admit my love towards the animals are way exaggerating but he have no rights to insult me.

I said I’m tigers & sharks’ person, so of course will concentrate my efforts in these 2 wild animals, but instead of understanding my sentence, he asked me why on earth I want to protect tigers, what about other wild animals in the wild? I said, if I were to concentrate my small amount energy to all the wild animals, ended up the result will be bad. Instead I focus on my strength will do more good than harm. Of course he doesn’t accept my point, and keep insulting me with other things involved with animals. For example, he said he will have tigers’ penis to strengthen his ability, or purposely eat shark fin in a weird way to show it to me or whatever way to show he is smarter, high status than me that love wild animals.

Is not one person task to protect this wild animals, but everyone that live in this Earth, I don’t mind you laughing at me, I don’t mind you saying me stupid, or laugh at what I’m telling u, just like years ago, when I did a solo presentation over a flash video by wwf (to share with the), telling my lecturer, and my classmate about how important it is to protect them, the environment, the animals, because we are linked to each other, ended up, they insulted me, by laughing and not paying one single attention (including that lecturer herself). I know I should forget about that, but when I flash back the memories, it causes pain to me, to let me think why we as a human, earth citizen are so selfish… …

Do you really want your future sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, to look at the animals on the 3D projector screen? Everyone have task to do, u might not like tigers, or shark, but maybe u will like other animals, so start from there… …

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Dogs to help sniff out tigers
Monday. 2.16.09 9:24 am

Dogs to help sniff out tigers
Associated Press
February 15, 2009

Source: AJC.COM

Phnom Penh, Cambodia —- Maggie the German wirehaired pointer has arrived in Cambodia with an unusual task —- sniffing out tiger droppings in one of Cambodia’s largest nature reserves.

The unorthodox move to employ a dog trained in Russia to search for signs of the big cats is part of a campaign to boost a tiger population in Asia that has plummeted to as few as 5,000 from 100,000 a century ago.

Starting this week, the salt-and-pepper dog will begin scouring the undergrowth and sniffing for tiger scent on trees in an area of northeastern Cambodia.

It is unclear how many tigers are even left in Cambodia, where —- as in much of Asia —- poaching and habitat encroachment are blamed for decimating the population.

The turn to dogs comes after camera traps and field surveys failed to find the big cats last year. The last sign of a tiger was in 2007, when a paw print was spotted in the park.

“We think this is the best method when we have a large area and not that many tigers,” said Hannah O’Kelly, a wildlife monitoring adviser for the New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society.

WCS and the wild cat conservation group Panthera, also based in New York, are spending about $30,000 to bring Maggie and a second dog from Russia to Seima later this year.

The effort to find tiger droppings is part of a worldwide campaign by conservationists to mine animal droppings for genetic information that can save endangered species.

Elephant dung, for example, was used two years ago to calculate the population of pachyderms in Malaysia’s Taman Negara National Park.

Now, researchers are hoping the tiger scat will help determine the existence of tigers in Seima along with their sex, age and whether any are pregnant or even under threat.

“As we gain the technology to extract things from scat like DNA and hormones, all of a sudden scat becomes a gold mine of information,” said Linda Kerley, a WCS consultant who trained the dogs in Russia.

The fear, O’Kelly said, is that the dogs don’t find any droppings.

“If we cover the whole area and we don’t find any tiger scat, then we can be reasonably confident there are no tigers,” O’Kelly said. “That would be very disappointing and I hope that doesn’t happen.”


Arent it cool? even the latest tech could not replace the nose of dogs.. :D

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Sunday. 10.19.08 11:53 pm
Plz help sign the petition

Click Here for the link

The NGOs behind this petition are: Malaysian Nature Society, TRAFFIC Southeast Asia , WCS Malaysia Programme, and WWF-Malaysia.

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Tiger hunting in Bangladesh
Tuesday. 10.14.08 4:50 am

Killing a tiger that killed 3 ppl? what do the tiger do, that it deserved the death penalty? why must u punish the tiger and not u the human?

why u blame the tiger for killing ? when u take away their habitat, their food their everything? what do human get for killing a tiger? penalty? a few penny of penalty that they must be laughing away because they earn big, huge sum of money.

this case, the tiger killed 3 ppl, and what do it get, getting KILLED, HOW CAN U TREAT THE TIGER LIKE THAT... U HANG IT AND U KILL IT AND U SKIN IT... how cruel human can be? how dare they... whyyyyyyy?????

i cant hold my tears nor do i want to ... i cried in the office... yes u hear me right, i cried in the office...

if you have weak stomach, plz dont view the video... if not feel free to...
Source: guardian.co.uk
The hunt for a man-eating tiger

Graphic footage of unarmed Bangladeshi villagers hunting and killing a tiger that had killed three people. Narrated by John Vidal


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National Save a Tiger Month Highlights Conservation Efforts
Tuesday. 9.23.08 2:14 am
Source : cat channel.com

National Save a Tiger Month Highlights Conservation Efforts
New initiative aims to reverse a decline in wild tiger numbers.
13 September 2008

Courtesy World Wildlife Fund

The month of September, designated as National Save a Tiger Month, serves as a reminder that the largest cat in the world is struggling for survival, with 4,000 tigers left in the wild, according to World Wildlife Fund’s Dr. Shannon Barber-Meyer, Tiger Conservation Program officer.

The depletion of prey and habitat as a result of uncontrolled development and poaching for the illegal trade in tiger skins and bones has led to the sharp decline in tiger numbers from more than 100,000 a century ago.

Efforts to reverse the downward trend include the new Tiger Conservation initiative, a worldwide alliance of tiger conservationists, scientists and celebrities that have joined forces with the World Bank Group and the Global Environment
Facility to help save wild tigers.

The program kicks off with a series of dialogues in tiger range countries to find out what has worked locally to protect the tigers and their 13 landscapes, which include Russia, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Dr. Barber-Meyer of World Wildlife Fund, a partner in the new initiative, said tigers occupy only 7 percent of their range and 40 percent less than they did a decade ago, a grim reality that shows wild tigers are in a perilous situation. The biggest threats to tigers include the following:

* Killing tigers directly to fuel demand for the black-market tiger trade
* Depletion of tiger habitat as a result of logging and urban expansion
* Loss of prey that supports tigers, such as deer, wild pig and cattle

“These threats are just everywhere,” Dr. Barber-Meyer said, “and they are very real and at scales that are very alarming.”

Courtesy World Wildlife FundThe decline in tiger numbers must be reversed before it gets beyond saving, she said, adding that the key to saving tigers is going to be successful anti-poach patrol and enforcement.

Cat owners, she said, can rally behind these efforts knowing that there’s a real connection. “We’ve got this domesticated animal in our home and a cousin is out there in the wild struggling for survival,” she said.

She pointed out that tigers, just like domestic cats, do have a high reproductive rate and are able to rebound with the help of efforts such as the Tiger Conservation Initiative.


Yay lets celebrate tiger month :D

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